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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Update on Subletters

I drove Sweaty Subletter to the airport the other day. He is going home for a little before school starts. I asked him in the car if he kissed A's friend he matched with on Tinder. He didn't answer, I pressed, and he admitted he had.

Later Sassy A and I found out that not only had he kissed her, he slept with her at about 3 in the afternoon. So Congrats to him for landing a girl! Except she's leaving for a nursing program. Fleeting five day relationship.

From this I have learned:
1) Sweaty Subletter christened the apartment and had sex in my housemates bed before she has even lived here
2) Sassy A then told me that she actually christened the apartment, meaning she had sex in her sister's bed
3) I have zero game apparently

In other news. The Hermit had a lot of friends in town, and as I expected, they were dweeby. And they also neglected to say hi or introduce themselves to me. Odd.

Also, Hermit has come out of her room. I have found her sitting on the couch twice watching TV. The first time it was Real Housewives of New Jersey. The second time it was the Olympics.

The next subletter has texted me saying he will be here in a week. Which means Sassy A will be leaving soon, and I'll miss her.

I will be sure to write a report on the new guy, we're calling him Mr. Law School, because he's a law school student from Maryland.

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