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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Call me Slagzy the Snail!!!!

Look! You can see my handwriting!

My name is Slagzy. Slagzy the snail.

This blog is semi-anonymous. I'm not going to go to great lengths to hide my real identity. But I'm also not plastering this blog all over my social media. This blog isn't meant to have people in my real life know everything about me. This blog is 1) my way to vent and document my life and thoughts and 2) hopefully entertaining and relatable to people that stumble across it.

I need some sort of name. And as far as you are concerned I am Slagzy. Why you ask?

My sister tried to type my name in our family group text and autocorrect changed it to slags, which is not even close to my name. She thought it was so funny, she continued to call me Slags. Her friends also call me Slags on occasion. Slags has since morphed into Slagzy.

The snail part is also a nickname from my sister. Back when we were both still in elementary school we used to sing this poetic 5 line song:

Yeah Snailyyyyyyyy
You rock snailyyyyyyy

I don't know why we sang it. I don't know how we came up with it. All I know is that I was "Snail," and this song was my theme song. I would groove and dance and we sung about me being awesome.

My sister and I made up a lot of weird songs. We did a lot of weird things. Snail stuck as a nickname. Slagzy is more recent. Put them together, and you have a combination of old and new me. You also have alliteration.

I may rename this blog "The Cynical Snail" or something. Still unsure.

I know is that I like writing about my life (which right now is just absurd). I know I want to draw out some events because pictures are fun and huge blocks of text can be overwhelming. Let's hope this project goes somewhere. Cheer me on plz! GO SNAILY!

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